Manolo Blahnik Taipei

Manolo Blahnik Taipei

Retail, Furniture / Breeze NanShan, Taipei, Taiwan / 2019 / 50 sqm

On Thursday 23rd January Manolo Blahnik welcomed their eighteenth standalone store within the unique surroundings of Breeze NanShan, Taipei, Taiwan.

Located in central Taipei the newly opened Breeze mall features a distinctive design featuring terraces of lush greenery and trees. The development is home to more than 200 luxury shops making Breeze NanShan the latest premiere destination for shopping, culture and dining in Taipei.

Manolo once again collaborated with Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design to scope out the unique environmental characteristics of the area and incorporate them into the design of this new space. Delving into Taiwan’s natural landscape, the new store celebrates the region’s cultural connection to the bamboo plant. A versatile and iconic material, the window display features rotating bamboo screens. Each screen features shelves nestled in-between, which display Manolo’s imaginative creations.

At first glance, the rotating bamboo provides the store with an orderly and geometric feel. Yet, the rotating panels introduce a curious playfulness to entice and enchant customers. The panels also allow the store to take on multiple appearances, creating a vibrant and dynamic shopping experience.