Malone Soulier, Harvey Nichols

Malone Soulier, Harvey Nichols

Retail, Furniture / London / 16 sqm

Following recent openings of retail concessions throughout the Middle East, we are pleased to announce Malone Souliers first London concession in Harvey Nichols, London.

As previous concepts, the inspiration roots in the Dutch De Stijl movement. Expressed by bold rectilinear colour blocking and strong linear outlining. The existing Malone Souliers concept is further dematerialised and fragmented adapting to the provided space creating three freestanding display units.

“A dynamic sculptural play - the glass boxes miraculously hang of each side of the steel frame giving the sense of weightlessness.”
Irregular steel frames with clear and coloured glass boxes serves as a bespoke display furniture. The idea of a display wall with transparent boxes of varying depths creates a sculptural relief of faceted squares. Some projecting, others receding allowing shoes to be displayed within and on top of the cubes, transparent boxes braced with a steel frame make an irregular geometric composition.

The back walls are wallpapered with a bespoke ‘Mary Alice Malone’ signature pattern partially distorted by the coloured glass cubes. This creates a dynamic layering.