Brook Green Townhouse

Brook Green Townhouse

Residential, Furniture / Brook Green, London / 2016 / 270 sqm

Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design and Nicky Bailey Interiors have combined their skills to produce a stunning bespoke family house in Brook Green. Nick Leith-Smith and his team skilfully coordinated the project whilst designing the space planning, built-in furniture, master bathroom and hard landscaping. Nicky Bailey did a masterly job completing the interior design and styling the house with finishes and furniture.

The project was a complete refurbishment with new extensions on the ground and second floor closet wing. The layout was adapted to perfectly fit the new owners requirements.

As with many house renovations the inspiration comes from two halves, in this case a husband and wife. The husband, a titled Englishman, and the wife, a stylish American Lady. Recently married and making their first home together, a handsome five storey house in Brook Green.

His feet being grounded firmly in the traditional style but with a curious appreciation for the contemporary, encouraged by her creative exuberance and love of bold colour and sharp design, provided an expansive palette from which to build their home.

These different backgrounds easily meshed together to create a smart yet eclectic mix of old masters and modern art, Antique Mahal carpet sitting happily against a contemporary rug, old Chinese lacquer against modern bronze and glass, telling the story of the coming together of the two halves.

Nicky Bailey with her background in classic English country house decoration identified with husband’s heritage, but with the wife seeking a more creative and playful interpretation was happy to push towards a more contemporary feel, encouraged by their architect Nick Leith-Smith.